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19 May 2009 One of the best websites for these is at here-be- limerick -poems.com. You can easily find a funny 50th birthday poem or toast on this website

People seek funny poems for a 50th birthday and often describe them as rhymes, poetry, verse, odes, limericks , wishes, verses, sayings, quotes

50th Birthday Limerick . When you hit that half century milestone. You get anxious and let out a small groan. But calm down and relax. It's only 45.45 + tax!

http://www.4afriend.com/ birthday / 50th - birthday -poe. WebRing: hub tales, coloring books, picture albums, poems, rhymes, limericks , novels, etc,

Here Be Funny Birthday Poems, Toasts, and Over the Hill Poems - Limericks All. Funny birthday poems on this page are for ages 21, 30, 40, 50 and an index to

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