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Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter with Scissors Swiss Army Knife by Wenger ยท Luxury Cigar Cutter Swiss Army Knife by Wenger - OUT OF STOCK

The Swiss Army Cigar Knife is an elegant, superbly crafted knife featuring 3 laser sharpened circular punches, a small blade, scissors and a nail file.

Wenger Swiss Pocket Knives Cigar Cutter with Scissors ON SALE 16881, 16630. Wenger Knives. Wenger Pocket Knife Red Cigar Cutter with Scissors, Wenger Pocket

I bought this for the new cigar smoker in my life who also recently lost his swiss army knife . What a perfect gift! He loves that there are three sizes for

Elegant and refined, this superbly crafted cigar knife features three laser sharpened circular punches of different gauges. Choose the size you wish,

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