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Arthur C Clarke On Crystal Skulls & Antikythera Mechanism 1. Source: com. Anna Mitchell-Hedges and a Crystal Skull . Ian Ralston and molten rock

Is the crystal skull truly an ancient Mayan artifact with mysterious powers? Arthur C . Clarke even used the Mitchell-Hedges skull as the logo for his

Famed science fiction writer Arthur C . Clarke used an image of this skull as So, Mitchell-Hedges associated the crystal skull with the Maya in 1600 BC

5 Dec 2007 Arthur C . Clarke's Mysterious World, Yorkshire Television, Trident Television, Inc, 1980. Garvin, Richard. "The Crystal Skull .

18 Mar 2008 An old documentary examining the controversial Crystal Skull artifact. Arthur C . Clarke , dead today, March 18 2008 at age 90.

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