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14 Dec 2008 Does the Bible say three Wise Men gave gifts to a newborn baby Jesus? No! You won't find this in the King James Version, the NIV,

Epiphany - (1/6) Also known as Three Kings' Day celebrates the visit of the 3 wise men . Read the Epiphany story in five popular Bible translations - AMP,

30 Jul 2007 Three Wise Men . Claim: The Bible says that three wise men traveled from afar on camels to visit the infant Jesus as he lay in the manger.

Does the Bible really say THREE wise men visited Jesus? Q. Where in the Bible does it say three wise men (Magi) visited baby Jesus? I can find wise men

What does the Bible say about the three wise men (Magi)? Where did the three wise men come from? What led the Magi to baby Jesus?

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